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Premier Barrow Powder Coated
Brickies' and concretors' favourite.

MOSS PREMIER POWDER COATED WHEELBARROW A super heavy duty barrow featuring a block patterned tyre, solid steel leg assembly and a heavier gauge tray.

Premier Barrow Galvanised
A hot dip galvanised tray provides for extra long life.

MOSS PREMIER WHEELBARROW GALVANISED "Simply the best wheelbarrow to roll across this earth." 4 ply pneumatic tyre, 1 inch axle and hardwood handles.

Brick Barrow Galvanised
Load with a BT BRICK CARRIER for fast placement of bricks.

MOSS GALVANISED BRICK BARROW A fully loaded brick barrow is more balanced and is easier to load and unload bricks. A real time saver.

Moss Comparison

What you get when compared with our competitors' products:

  • TRAY

  • Moss
    1.2mm steel, powder coated tray with a total of 190 spot welds and no leaks. 8mm solid steel reinforcing wire around top of tray. A 1.6 mm galvanised steel reinforcing base plate under tray.

    Some have 1mm tray with as little as 68 spot welds, while others have tubular steel reinforcing. Some have 5mm timber ply reinforcing plate.

Moss always provides quality Australian products


  • Moss
    Hardwood handles, painted. Smooth ergonomic grip.

    Some are pine or unpainted and a rough grip.

Spare parts are readily available at Moss


  • Moss
    4ply Kenda tyre and heavy duty tube. Thick pressed metal rim. Deep groove ball bearings made to MOSS specifications.

    Cheap Chinese tyre and tube. Pressed thin gauge metal rim. Chinese ball bearings.

Fully loaded Moss brick barrow. Easy and fast to load and unload.

Fully loaded brick barrow

  • LEGS

  • Moss
    Solid steel 32 x 8mm legs with 8mm skid wear pads.

    Some are 40 x 5mm thin and some are tube which easily bends or rusts.